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Our Lady of Guadalupe Middle School is a community of learners dedicated to fostering a personal and active faith in God that results in actions in harmony and interdependence with all of creation. OLG provides an education that is inclusive, multicultural, and aesthetic. Its educational process promotes the development of moral persons who are knowledgeable, questioning, thoughtful, and integrated.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Middle School is an independent, Catholic school for young women with unique needs located in Southwest Detroit. It is dedicated to empowering students to succeed academically, contribute to society, and develop to their full potential.


The work of Our Lady of Guadalupe Middle School is inspired by a faithfulness to the message of Jesus contained in Catholic traditions. We are committed to the following shared values:

Truth We seek for and act upon the gift of truth in our world.
Excellence We strive for excellence in all our pursuits, academic and personal.
Human Dignity We value and respect each individual as a unique creation of the Spirit.
Compassion We are called by the Gospel to walk with one another in the pains and joys of life.
Service We commit ourselves to the service of others.
Justice We work for just structures and peace in our world.