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Curriculum Goals:

    Develop young women who will make a difference:

  • one who is a questioner, leader, catalyst; one who is confident.
  • one who is comfortable with herself and her abilities and skilled in interactions with others.
  • one who challenges herself and others to fulfill potential.
  • one who respects the spiritual approach
  • one who values the approaches of; collaborative, cooperative, affirming, reflective, communal, nurturing, intuitive and inclusive women.
  • one who sees options and makes options
  • one who values self and others.
  • one who works with and supports others.

Themes/Strands :

  • Interdisciplinary inquiry
  • Feminist approach
  • Spirituality
  • Multiple intelligence framework
  • Service learning
  • Character education
  • Aesthetic appreciation

Desired Outcomes :

  • Develop an active faith in God and live out these beliefs in their lives
  • Become a catalyst for the education of others wherever they go
  • See connections among all areas of knowledge
  • See the connection between what is done in the classrooms and the rest of creation
  • Realize the individual is important to creation and that one person can make a difference
  • Identify gifts and develop ways to use these gifts
  • Capably address problems
  • Be academically prepared to succeed in their future education